Westlake School Zone

Ray White Forrest Hill & Ray White Sunnynook offices are based in the Westlake School zones. Our offices have customers calling to our office on a daily basis looking to buy properties to get into the Westlake School zone.

Westlake Boys High School offers an outstanding learning environment for teenage boys on the North Shore of Auckland.

Address30 Forrest Hill Rd, Forrest Hill, Westlake 0620

Phone09-410 8667

Zone details:

School Zone

Westlake Boys’ High School is located to the west of Lake Pupuke, a small caldera produced by volcanic activity. The school overlooks the lake and the main shipping channel and out to Rangitoto Island. Adjacent is our sister school, Westlake Girls’ High School.

The Westlake Boys’ High School zone is as follows:

Northern Boundary 

Starting from Sunset Road and the Northern Motorway, travel north east along Sunset Road to and south east along East Coast Road (309, 424 and below included). Travel east on Kowhai Road and north-west along Beach Road (352, 405 and below included) to Whitby Crescent and continue east to the coastline.

Southern Boundary

From the sea travel along Earnoch Avenue (included) and travel west to the intersection with Hurstmere Road (188 and 189 and above included) and continue west to the edge of Lake Pupuke (Killarney Street excluded). Follow Lake Pupuke south west to Kowhai Street and Lake Pupuke Road. Travel south along Lake Pupuke Road, east along Killarney Street (excluded) and north along Taharoto Road to and west along Dominion Street to the Northern Motorway.

Western Boundary 

Travel north to Northcote Road off ramp and west along the centre of Northcote Road to the western boundary of A F Thomas Park. Follow the park boundary north to and west along Benders Avenue to Sunnybrae Road (72, 101 and above included). Travel west along Coronation Road (103, 108 and above included) to and north along Beatrice Ave (excluded). Travel east along Archers Road (excluded) to Sunnybrae Road. Continue east along Archers Road (179, 200 and above included only) to the intersection with Chivalry Road (107, 114 and above included). Travel north and west along Chivalry Road to and north east along Diana Drive excluded) to Weldene Road (excluded). Continue along Diana Drive (48, 93 and above included) to Wairau Road (242, 313 and below included; Kathleen Street included). Travel north along Wairau Road and east along View Road to Wairau Road. Travel west along Wairau Road and north along Target Road (126, 139 and above included) to and east along Target Court. From the end of Target Court, continue cross country to the roundabout at the intersection of Sunnynook Road (excluded), Totara Vale Drive (excluded) and Link Road (included). Travel east to the Northern Motorway and travel north to Sunset Road, back to the starting point.

Westlake Girls High School is a member of the Australasian Alliance of Girls Schools and guided by the very latest research into girls education. Our global networks include the Girls Schools Association (UK) and the National Coalition of Girls Schools (USA).

2 Wairau Rd, Takapuna 09 489 4169

School Zone

Starting at Hauraki Road Corner (Lake Road 335, 310 and above included), Jutland Road included) head north east along Hauraki Road to the coastline. Follow the coastline north to Sidmouth Street (Beach Road, 411, 356 and below included) and head west to Ramsgate Terrace and on to Maxwelton Drive (Amante Cres, excluded). Travel South along East Coast Road (345, 480, and below included), before heading west along Constellation Drive, (Apollo Drive excluded) to the Northern Motorway. Head south to, then west along Sunnynook Road (145, 168 and below included). Head south on Target Road (139, 98 and above included), Wairau Road (335, 280 and below included), Hogans Road (excluded). Head south on Diana Drive include Chivalry Road (107, 114, and above included) and south on Chartwell Avenue to Archers Road (103, 122, and above included). Head south on Sunnybrae Road to Akoranga Drive, Coronation Road (105,108 and above included), Beatrice Ave (excluded), Northcote Road (42-2 included). Head east on Esmonde Road to Lake Road and south back to the starting point.