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New Home

By Steve Brennan

Best part of our day, handing over the keys to a new home. Ben opens the door to his family’s first new home in Totaravale.
We wish Jane, Rob, Ben & Joe all the best for the future.

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  • Totara Vale

    Rewi Alley Memorial at Totara Vale Rewi Alley Reserve Intrigued by what he had read about China, Alley left New Zealand in December 1926 ‘to go and have a look at the Chinese revolution’. He would stay for 60 years, becoming one of China’s best-known and best-loved foreigners. By the … Read more

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  • Mairangi Bay Bowling Club

    Great to be able to support the Mairangi Bay Bowling club for the eight year running. Winnie and Steve presented the prizes at the end of the day.

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