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Bond Cen Salesperson Auckland

By Steve Brennan

Bond’s background business is in Immigration and Student services which is where he found his attraction to real estate. He has always been interested in real estate and dealing with Immigration, Oversea Investors goes hand in hand. As the world becomes increasingly globalized, understanding cultural differences is essential in conducting business. Having been raised in Guangzhou, China, Bond is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and understands the nuances of Eastern culture. However, having lived and worked in New Zealand for 18 years, Bond also understands local Kiwis, attracting vendors and purchasers from both cultures. This understanding informs and dictates first point of contact, communication, negotiating and ultimately, closing the deal. Regardless of cultural background or language, Bond also has wide connections and a large network, bringing him huge referral business.

Choose Bond Cen and you are already halfway there to a successful result.

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